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We are John and Teagan aka JTTouring: A cycle touring couple from Australia.  We are currently undertaking a bicycle touring journey from Malaysia to England. Ultimately, we aim to travel the world by bicycle. This is a big dream so we decided on small steps first.

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The Story

This trip has been a dream of ours for many years.  Many people considered this vision as fanciful but we are attempting it anyway. We started this blog to engage our family, friends and the wider public in the details of our trip and our experiences. We also aim to share our knowledge of bicycle touring and hopefully share the experience of other travellers that we meet along the way. Maybe this blog might provide the information, insight or courage for other people to achieve their dreams.

We believe pictures tell a thousands words so follow us on instagram at:

About: Inner_about


The Roots

The idea for bicycle touring began early during John's time at University when he went to a local community gathering in Newcastle, Australia and witnessed a traveller talk about his recent bicycle tour. Although John went into the workforce following University, the seed was planted and it wasn't until Teagan came into the picture two years later that the vision really came into fruition. With the help of a great bike builder "Tempest Bicycles" we soon had two custom built frames with all the gear to suit. At the start of March 2018 these bikes were built and we were ready to go.  

Beginning this trip we had little experience in bicycle touring.This is a big dream and considering our experience we aren't putting pressure on ourselves if we don't complete the journey. For us it's about enjoying this experience rather than focusing on the destination.  

If you want to see who built our bicycles check out Tempest Bicycles at:

About: Inner_about
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